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JOLLY ROLLY has been spreading love and happiness since 2018. Our world consists of charms and trinkets, and here while reading about us, I am going to take you to our little wonderland to experience the magic yourself.


The idea of charms came into existence when my 7-year-old daughter gifted a charm bracelet with alphabet charms saying “BEST MOM” to make the mother’s day special for me. It was obviously her father who helped in the logistics, but the whole idea was exclusively hers. It was in May 2017, and since then, it has become one of my permanent pieces of jewelry that I never take off. Also, I feel it is lucky for me, and since the day I have started wearing it, I have been stumbling upon happiness quite often than usual. The emotions and feelings attached to it cannot be expressed in words. That was the day, I was so overwhelmed by the love I felt, that I instantly decided, I want to share this feeling. I did not want to be the only person to experience this, everyone deserves to feel the way I did. Hence the idea of manufacturing charm jewelry came into being.


• Each charm’s design is idealized personally, putting in a lot of thought and efforts, keeping in mind the emotions attached to them and the tastes and preferences of our customers.

• Our expert designers bring the idea of charms designs, explained to them, on paper by drawing the sketch followed by the more realistic 3D CAD design.

• Then the casting takes place. Molds are prepared as per the drawings, and our little charms are created out of 925 sterling silver. That is the time when the charm jewelry first takes shape

• These silver charms are then coated with either gold or rose gold metal (if required) to give them an upgraded appearance altogether.

• To make them colorful and full of life, the charms are painted with vivid colored enamels, and semi-precious stones are embedded in them.

• After everything has been done, these tiny charms make their way to the finishing unit. There, any flaw (if there) is removed, and the locks are attached.

This is how every single charm comes into being to be ready to make someone feel special.

Our expert craftsmen have an eye for details, and this is why our jewelry is made to perfection.


  • The Quality Of Our Charms

Our motive is to never compromise on the quality of our charms. Each jewelry piece is curated from 925 sterling silver as the base metal, and its stamp on every piece is our promise to you. We understand how much the charms mean to you, and their durability is our responsibility.

  • Our Unbelievable Prices

Although we are very persnickety about our charms and follow a standardized process to make our jewelry flawless before it reaches you. Still, we do not charge anything above our manufacturing cost from our customers. This is because we believe our charms are not mere jewelry, but emotions.

  • Our Customer Service

By far, we have not faced a single case of dissatisfaction with our customers. We have mastered the pre and post-sales services to the convenience of our customers. We at JOLLY ROLLY believe that our services for our customers should be there till the time they are wearing our jewelry.

  • Our Working Environment

We not only want to make our customers happy but our employees too. They have been provided all the facilities at work so they can put in their best efforts to create our little charms to perfection. Apart from that, we believe that their well being is our responsibility. ‘A happy employee makes a happy customer.’

  • Our Duty For Mother Nature

We are cautious while exploiting the resources we get from mother nature. All our materials are ethically sourced to do zero harm to the environment. We believe that the purity of our intentions behind manufacturing charm jewelry will be spoiled if we harm nature during the process. You will find the broadest range of charms manufactured at JOLLY ROLLY with the highest quality and the lowest prices. We ensure that every single piece purchased by you always comes with complete satisfaction and authenticity. For us, nothing is more important than the satisfaction of our customers.